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First of all

This Blog is a little bit shitty. That's because you do not own a Tumblr Account, like me, so I had to make this on my Phone, just for you!Be a little bit grateful.I will not do double Blogs, so you gonna read the same posts, wether you read 'em on here or on Tumblr.Have fun!
6.6.16 16:11

And why exactly?

I feel obligated to give you a little more information: I never travelled much, exactly. Nor did I ever left Europe before. So, to celebrate my Abitur, my parents decided to take me to a three Weeks trip through Thailand, right after my certificate award. My best friend Anna also keeps me company, which I am very grateful for.
You can follow our route on the cover picture of my Blog.
So one last open question: why the fuck am I writing in english, when it’s kinda obvious I am not very skilfull. The last part just answered that.
So I’m just gonna take use of every opportunity to inform you about my journey and keep you updated with pics, vids and so on and so on.

6.6.16 16:16


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